Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Generation GS F SPORT in Korea

Lexus GS F
New Generation GS at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel (Samsung Don) Samsung-dong, Seoul.
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Toyota introduced New Generation GS to gain recognition in Korea market on March 2012. New Generation GS350 model(65.8 million won), GS F SPORT Driving Performance Model(77.3 million won), New Generation GS250 model Smart Sizing(59.8 million won), New Generation GS450h Hybrid Model will be launched in 2nd half of this year.
GS New Generation are all produced in Toyota's Tahara Plant in Japan.  Another source said Toyota have a plan to shift their models to produce in United States, except some special model.

Nowadays, Toyota South Korea import Camry mid-size Sedan and Siena Minivan from U.S in order to avoid the impact of yen's historic strength, as well as theirs are exempt from customs
duty(8%) accourding to Korea-US FTA.

Compatible products:
2012-        Lexus GS  *non*
2001-2011 Lexus GS   Beat-Sonic SLA-82A Adapter

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